Monday, July 23, 2012

Recent Events: Mass-Murder in Aurora, CO

Whenever I hear about horrifying events like this, I experience a fairly wide range of emotions .. heartbreak for the victims and their families, rage towards the perpetrators, the desire for justice, the thought and hope that if I am ever faced with a similar situation, I'll be able to make a positive difference in the outcome, and, more often than not, a sense of dread at how the government's seemingly inevitable attempt to prevent future occurrences will affect my personal freedom and that of my children.
My candle for the good
folks of Aurora, CO

While most of these are beyond my capacity to address in a way that is meaningful to anyone, the one thing I can do is to take certain steps to ensure that my family and I do not become helpless victims to some nut-bag like this in the future. Hopefully I can encourage others to do so as well.

So, what can we, as individuals, do to prevent things like this from happening again?  The answer is surprisingly simple:  arm ourselves.  That's right .. instead of clamoring for more restrictions on your right to keep and bear arms, exercise it. Learn how to handle and use a gun. Get a concealed carry license, and carry your gun wherever and whenever you can. Learn basic self-defense skills that don't rely on the use of firearms, too.  Learn and prepare for the day you hope will never come, and be willing and ready to act if it does. Teach your children these things, too. Learn, learn, learn! Your self-defense bag-of-tricks should be very large and very full.
My gun makes you safer - if I'm
allowed to carry it

Admittedly, there are a lot of people who will not see my logic. There are people who think that allowing people to carry concealed weapons is just asking for trouble.  There are people who think that disarming society in general would be a better solution.  I would ask those people a few simple questions:  If you were there, wouldn't you wish you had your own gun and the skills to use it?  How might the situation have turned out differently if just one of the other movie-goers that night had a gun?  How many of those victims would still be alive?

You see, guns are not the problem here. If they were, one would expect to see mass shootings happening where there are more guns - at gun shows and NRA conventions, for example. Can you imagine, just for one second, what would happen if this guy had shown up at a gun show and started shooting?  I can .. and I bet you he wouldn't have even gotten one shot off before being stopped cold in his tracks and nominated for a Darwin award!  No, instead, most of these massacres happen in places where it is already illegal for anyone to possess a gun: schools, workplaces, hospitals, et cetera.

I posit that the real reason these things happen is that there are few people left in society who are willing to take responsibility for their own protection, and too many laws restricting those remaining few.